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Bikini Beach Race (1992)
Year, country:
Eric Louzil
Dana Plato, Xavier Barquet, Nick Santa Maria
1h 45min
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 Rev up your engines as the most gorgeous and charming Bed Race Team of all, The Sex Puppets, heat up the raceway. Clad in bikinis and sexy lingerie, they'll bump and grind their way to victory aboard comical "Bedmobiles". Dana Plato ("Diff'rent Strokes") stars as the saucy J.D., a hydroplane speedboat pilot who's cajoled by four college oddballs into joining their Bed Race Team. But watch out - there's dangerous curves ahead as the local Mafia pits the odds 100 to 1 against our zany team. The gears shift as Milo (Daniel Barquet) perfects a fantastic invention that'll blast this year's event into Gran Prix history. Hang on to your jockstraps as "Bikini Beach Race" swerves you out of control through this rally between the sheets.
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