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Surviving Confession (2019) HD
Surviving Confession (2019)
Year, country:
Matthew Tibbenham
Sarah Schreiber, Jessica Lynn Parsons, Jayne Marin
1h 30min
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 Father Morris simply hates confession, which is very strange for a clergyman. At the beginning of his religious career, he loved confession and listened carefully to parishioners. He even enjoyed it when people laid bare their souls before him. However, over the years this has turned into a real torture for him. He did not understand why he should listen to every nonsense, being in a tight closet and sitting on a narrow uncomfortable bench. The clergy generally began to doubt the sincerity of what was said. It seemed that it was difficult to surprise him with anything, but one day a young girl came to confession. She wanted to confess anonymously, but messed up the doors ...