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Favorites Coyote Lake (2019)

Coyote Lake (2019)
Year, country:
Sara Seligman
Camila Mendes, Charlie Weber, Adriana Barraza
1h 33min
Coyotes are called people involved in the illegal transportation of immigrants from Mexico to the United States for a good fee. Of course, among them there are both really good people who are ready to help the unfortunate to find a new home, and deceivers that, after receiving a reward, they deceive their customers or even kill them. Teresa, a powerful woman who single-handedly raised her daughter Esther, who was just seventeen years old, lives with her daughter near the border and keeps a small hotel here. Coyotes, drug dealers, and other not-so-nice people often stop here for the night, and Teresa always does not miss the moment.
 She and Esther mercilessly kill their guests - first they solder them with poisoned tea, then they clean the pockets of their next victim, drag the corpse to the shore of Lake Coyote and stoke it in a bag with heavy stones tied to it. Thus, the deceased will forever remain at the bottom of the lake and will never surface. Esther doubts her mission, but her mother always finds words of persuasion to force her daughter to continue. But one day, the family’s secret is about to be revealed due to a couple of criminals breaking into the hotel.
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