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Favorites Teenage Tramp (1973)

Teenage Tramp (1973) HD
Teenage Tramp (1973)
Year, country:
Anton Holden
Robin Lane, Alisha Fontaine, Anthony Massena
1h 20min
The wayward and relaxed young runaway Kim got in with a bad crowd. Kim decides to escape from the crowd and sets off on the west coast to reunite with her nervous and neurotic elderly sister Hilary so that she can receive part of the inheritance left by their late parents. However, the evil drug dealer Mori and his pack follow Kim to Hilary's house.

Screenwriter / director Anton Holden talks about a terribly exciting story at a steady pace, delivers a wholesome portion of delicious gratuitous female nudity, maintains a very peppy and rude tone and vividly depicts the disgusting and unpleasant belly of dark, dangerous and depraved hippies. in the early seventies youth scene. Strong chemistry between Lane and Fontaine, as two radically opposed siblings hold the picture together; they get solid support from Anthony Massen as the struggling boyfriend of Hilary Adam, Eric Jay as the weak Eric and Jack Garner as the evil pervert. In addition, this film deserves special praise for the way it presents the decadent and hedonistic youth of that period in an extremely ugly, damned and negative light. The rough cinema of Jacques Demaro gives the picture a rather sandy look. The awesome music of Joe Dane and Steve Zeltser and an excellent soundtrack to folk rock hit the right place. The striking end of the break-off inflicts a rather sharp blow. Recommended viewing for movie fans of the 70s exploitation. Teenage Tramp (1973) watch full movie online in HD - free movie on ffilms.club
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