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Favorites The Girl from Jones Beach (1949)

The Girl from Jones Beach (1949) HD
The Girl from Jones Beach (1949)
Year, country:
Peter Godfrey
Ronald Reagan, Virginia Mayo, Eddie Bracken
1h 18min
Glamor artist Bob Randolph is world famous for his paintings of stunning beauty called "The Girl Randolph." What the world does not know is its charming creation of truly composite anatomy details of 12 different models. In an attempt to find a girl who has all the proper physical attributes, Randolph and PR man Chuck Donovan chase Ruth Wilson, a wonderful teacher who prefers to be admired for her brain rather than her curves. Ruth changes her tone, however, when she posted a photo of her in a swimsuit, she was dismissed by an alarmed schoolboard. She sues for recovery and in the process finds out that swimsuits and sexuality do take place in her world, after all. The Girl from Jones Beach (1949) watch full movie online in HD - free movie on ffilms.club
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