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Favorites Breathless (1983)

Breathless (1983)
Year, country:
Jim McBride
Richard Gere, Valérie Kaprisky, Art Metrano
1h 40min
A remake of the 1959 film directed by Jean-Luc Godard.
In this film, events take place in modern Los Angeles. Richard Gere plays a petty crook Jesse Lujak, going to meet his death. Monica Puacar (Valerie Kapriski), a college girl, falls in love with this desperate tramp, but the connection between them is weakened by her rash behavior.
 Year and place of birth: 1949, USA. Education: Faculty of Philosophy, drama courses. Religion: Buddhism. Profession: rock musician, theater and film actor. Beloved ones: Penelope Milford, Sylvie Martinez, Cindy Crawford ... These, in short, are the personal data of one of the most popular actors of American cinema Richard Gere. He is sometimes compared with the Frenchman Gerard Decpardier. Heroes of Gear are also strong, impulsive, passionate, often lose patience and emotional balance, are capable of extravagant acts, their jokes are sometimes offensive and sarcastic ...
Appearing on the set in the mid-70s, Richard Gere was at first one of many. However, participation in the paintings of Robert Mulligan ("The Marine Corps Kid"), Richard Brooks ("Finding Mr. Goodbar"), Terence Malik ("Harvest Days") allowed him to stand out from an endless series of young actors, and the title role in the melodrama "American Paul Schroeder's gigolo brought fame to the talented actor.
Richard Gere became a real star two years later - after the release of “The Officer and Gentleman” by Telor Hackford, a sound, moderately sentimental drama from the life of cadets of the military school. And a little later, Richard Gere had the opportunity to enter into a creative competition with Jean-Paul Belmondo himself. This was the main role in the remake of "In the Last Breath" by Jim McBride, who transferred the action of the classic film of Jean-Luc Godard to America of the 80s.
I would not dare say that Richard Gere won this competition, but also did not fail. The actor filled his role with violent temperament, aggressiveness, erotic energy, the rebellious spirit of youth. Not surprisingly, for millions of fans, Richard Gere has become one of the symbols of male sexuality. Watch free movie Breathless (1983) online in ffilms.club
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